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Executives & Experts

DCQ5 Executive & Experts is a company is specialised in placing the right person on the right place. Our focus is on job openings within Sales & Marketing and Technology. We primarily operate in the information technology (IT), telecom (ICT) and finance sectors.


From start to finish we'll coach the candidate prior to his employment for a client. Using an agreement in which all appointments are written down, we will only propose the best candidates. In doing this, we use our unique method of selection.

• Executive Search • Recruitment Experts • Development

• Interim & Freelance • Management Consultancy

Five core areas

In the period of searching/selecting/proposing a candidate, we test him in the following five core areas:


• Education/experience

• Personality/culture

• Capacity/potential

• Motivation/reason to act

• Results/knowledge of the market

Business Partners

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Unique Recruitment Method

DCQ5 Executive & Experts focus on the candidate. Of course, education and experience are important, but DCQ5 look further. We find out more about their personality such as what motivates him/her, what career plans they have for the future. Their IQ (Intelligence Quotient) is also important but the EQ (Emotional Quotient) is often forgotten. DCQ5 gives extra attention to this and with our unique selection method; we are able to form a good image of the candidate in a relatively short time.


This means that in practive, DCQ5 Executive & Experts carry out a thorough selection of candidates when recruiting for a specific position. Through this unique selection method, we are able to propose the best candidate to the client





DCQ5 Executive & Experts ensures that the right person is matched to the right job. We tailor our services to suit the individual needs of the client. Often the Human Resources department of a company have not sufficient time or resources to do this. Positions have to be filled, therefore the recruitment and selection of professionals is often outsourced. We manage your requests for you and aim to match the clients and candidates needs. DCQ5 has over 20 years of experience in the market, and has a good reputation for working accurate and thorough


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Ir. E.Monchen, AON eSolutions

Drs. M. Beekhuis, Doxis


Deal = Deal

We make clear agreements with our clients,  and we live up to those agreements. The client and DCQ5 close an agreement with each other, with all appointments clearly written down. Our candidates are then proposed on basis of their profile. If you wish, DCQ5 can also take care of the contract negotiations.  We exclusively work on a basis of discretion and confidentiality.


Types of functions

We often have requests for the following functions:


Managers Software Development, Project managers, Service Delivery Managers, Business Analisten, Senior Developers,Software Engineers, Technical Architects, Technical Directors, Operational Directors, UX Designers, Sales Managers,Sales Directors, Commercial CEO's, Product Managers, Support Managers, Pre Sales Engineers, IT Managers, Service Managers, Netwerk Architecten, Systeem Engineers.



DCQ5 is a specialised recruitment and selection bureau that focuses on functions in the (corporate) sales, marketing and technique. We mainly work within the information technology / telecom and finance. On a regular basis we also fill sales and marketing job offerings in other sectors. We handle the entire route from start to finish, in order to offer the best specialistst.


DCQ5 has over 20 years of market experience. Because of this DCQ5 only suggests the best candidates.

DCQ5 Executive & Experts is always looking for good candidates that are interested in working in the following areas:



DCQ5 understands well the wheeling and dealing in the business world.  In trade and Industry good Managers/leaders are always required, people interested in management positions or other related management functions are welcome to contact us.


Sales & Marketing

Bringing products and services into the market in an intelligent manner and supplying a support system, is a profession in its self.  Whether it's for a national or international party, the system is the same. DCQ5 would like to meet these Sales & Marketing specialists and you are welcome to contact us.



For functions in the technology world, we would like contact with people that have a great passion for technology. Of course, it helps when you have a technical education, but we also know that people that have learned by experience in a work environment, are often very capable in the technology world. Call us or send an e-mail.


More information or


Sent your cv to Info@dcq5.com

If you want to know more about

our current job offering, please contact DCQ5 via our contactpage.


More information or sollicite

DCQ5 does not advert, if candidates fit in our range they can leave their CV via our contactpage.


Technology / IT:


Manager Software Development

Support Manager

Senior Developers (OOP)

QA engineers / IT engineers

Service Delivery Managers

System Engineers

Technical Architects

UX designers





Sales & Marketing


Business Development Manager

Corporate Accountmanagers

Sales New Business



Product Owners

Programm Managers





Managing Director

Director of Engineering

Director of Sales


Account Director

Operations Director

Technical leader

Q&A manager, int. software company

Testmanager, Software (java/oracle)

Security Manager, IT bedrijf

Global Account Manager, sector; Oil & Gas

Sales Director, Indirect/regio benelux

USA Company IT Manager EMEA

Lead developer, technische software

Delivery manager/PM, financiele software

Technical Research Firm, Regional Accountmanagers

Senior / Medior Developers, C++,C#, Java, OOP.

Int. insurance company (US), Int. Salesmanager Europa

Financial institution, Private Bankers

Carrier, Accountmanager Nederland

IT manufacturer, Project Manager

IT manufacturer, Project Executive

Toeleverancier Bouw,  Accountmanager Nederland

Benelux Telecombedrijf, accountmanagers

Financiele software leverancier, Technical Architect / Software Engineer

IT auditors,  information by request

Online Media company Account Director

Senior Developer (Java, Delphi). Software Companies

Business Analyst, Int. Software Company

Architect (technical), Int. Software Company

Contactcenter Company, Clientmanager

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