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Our Services:
• Personal Coaching on personal basis for client/candidate.
• Jobcareerplanning/-development on personal basis.
• Consultancy/advice for client.
• Personal Marketvalue Test (through Intake).

For more information about our services you can contact our Contactpage.

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Yolanda van  Dongen


Joost Tholhuijsen

Principal Technical Consultant

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DCQ5 Executive & Experts is always looking for good candidates that are interested in working in the following areas:   

Management (C-Level, Higher/Middle)
DCQ5 understands well the wheeling and dealing in the business world.  In trade and Industry good Managers/leaders are always required, people interested in management positions or other related management functions are welcome to contact us.     

Sales & Marketing
Bringing products and services into the market in an intelligent manner and supplying a support system, is a profession in its self.  Whether it's for a national or international party, the system is the same. DCQ5 would like to meet these Sales & Marketing specialists and you are welcome to contact us.  

Technology (Management)
For functions in the technology world, we would like contact with people that have a great passion for technology. Of course, it helps when you have a technical education, but we also know that people that have learned by experience in a work environment, are often very capable in the technology world. Call us or send an e-mail.  

More information or apply for a job?
If you want to know more about our open jobs, please contact DCQ5 through our Contactpage or call G.A. de Clercq: 06 30 54 34 43.  

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Gijs de Clercq
MD/Senior Consultant


Joost Tholhuijsen
Principel Technical Consultant

Yolanda van Dongen

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